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Multi-Stage Interlock


A multi-stage interlock mechanism enhances the safety of test stand operation by preventing the inadvertent triggering of an automatic igniter or full system test. The interlock mechanism of two recent systems developed by BML operates as follows.


Auto Start Switch and Auto Start Controls Disabled
Upon starting the software, the Auto Start switch and Auto Start Controls are disabled. The user must press the "Ack" (Acknowledge) button to clear the message in the message window and enable the Auto Start switch.

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Selecting a Start Option
After pressing the Ack button, the user may set the Auto Start switch to "Enable". The "Start Option" may then be selected. Available Start options are Igniter Test and System Start. If neither option is selected, the Start button remains disabled.

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Ready for Test Start
When one of the start options is selected, the Start button is enabled and turns from red to green. At this point, the selected automatic start function will execute when the Start button is pressed.

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