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Custom Instrumentation Components


In the process of developing instrumentation systems, there is frequently a need to design and build custom machined parts.  At right are some examples of the components BML has designed and has had manufactured by subcontractors as part of the instrument development process. 




Custom Parts for Laser Alignment System
Machined Parts for Laser Alignment System

Laser Scanners on Custom Mounts
Assemblies of Two-Axis Laser Scanners and Collimating Lenses used in
BML Laser Alignment System

Interface Board
LTS-100 Interface Board

Line Driver PCBs
LTS-100 Photodiode Detector Amplifier Circuit Boards

Stainless Brackets
Quick Release Mechanisms for LTS-100 Optical Enclosures

Anodized Parts
LTS-100 Optical Enclosure Parts

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