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Special Purpose Load Cell Data Acquisition System


As part of the U.S. Air Force/DARPA FALCON program, AirLaunch LLC, Kirkland, WA, performed work on the QuickReach (TM) small satellite launcher.  This was to be a two-stage, pressure-fed, LOx/Propane vehicle which has the unique attribute of being air-launched from a C-17 cargo aircraft. 

In September 2005, a drop test of a launch vehicle mockup, known as a Drop Test Article (DTA), was performed with the goal of demonstrating the feasibility of the air drop concept.  One specific measurement of interest during this test was the measurement of loads applied to the aircraft during the DTA drop.

In response to the need to quantify these loads, BML developed a special purpose load cell data acquisition system, shown at right.  The system employs a Pacific Instruments rackmount mainframe and interface boards for strain gauge data instruments.  The rack also houses a rackmount PC for data storage.

Further information on the program can be found in a comprehensive article in the Oct. 24, 2005, issue of Aviation Week & Space Technology.

Drop Photo 1
Drop Photo 2



Rackmount Load Cell Data Acquisition System




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