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About Bergmans Mechatronics LLC


Bergmans Mechatronics LLC (BML), founded in 2003, is dedicated to solving technical challenges which exist at the intersection of the mechanical, electronics and software fields.

Mr. John Bergmans, the firm's Principal Engineer and owner, is passionate about solving challenging technical problems. His training as a mechanical engineer and his abilities in the software and electronics disciplines enable Mr. Bergmans to effectively address a wide variety of technical problems.

One of Mr. Bergmans‘ current fields of activity is research on dynamic, web-based applications enabled by the HTML5 WebSocket standard. He has developed several notable systems using this technology, including:

  • LabSocket - a system to automatically extend LabVIEW applications to the web
  • collectdViewer - a system for high-frequency server performance display in a browser
  • EarthControl - a multi-user game for Facebook

Mr. Bergmans has a strong interest in rocket propulsion and combustion-related systems. On such projects, he normally focuses on the development of data acquisition and control software. He is also an advocate of the use of laser-based, non-intrusive instrumentation for industrial applications. In this capacity, he developed the LTS-100 Laser Temperature Sensor and performed demonstration testing of the instrument in a number of industrial settings.

During his employment at CFD Research Corporation, from 1995 to 2003, Mr. Bergmans was responsible for the development and testing of control systems used to actively control solid propellant gas generators as well as a solid rocket motor device. In addition, he developed data acquisition systems for a number of experimental programs.

Prior to CFDRC, Mr. Bergmans was involved with the calibration and qualification of a "Tether Force Sensor" for the Canadian Space Agency (1995). This sensor was subsequently flown on a sounding rocket mission and performed successfully.

Mr. Bergmans received his B. Eng. (Mechanical) in 1992 and M. Eng. (Mechanical) in 1995, both from Carleton University in Ottawa, Canada. His Master's thesis work involved the development of a non-contact, photogrammetric sensor for measuring the Euler angles of a rotating dynamic payload simulator.

Skill Set Summary
The above experiences have provided Mr. Bergmans with a wide range of insights and problem-solving skills. Specific technical skills offered by Mr. Bergmans include:

  • WebSockets-based web application development
  • LabVIEW and C programming services
  • Control system design using Matlab and Simulink
  • Electrical interfacing of data acquisition systems, actuators and sensors
  • Printed Circuit Board and electronics enclosure design
  • On-site system integration and testing at client‘s facilities
  • Development of specialized instrumentation systems
  • System documentation and customer support

Bergmans Mechatronics LLC
556 S. Fair Oaks Ave., Unit 561
Pasadena, CA 91105
p: 1-714-474-8956
e: jbergmans <at> bergmans <dot> com
twitter: jbergmans
skype: johnbergmans


Exhibiting LabSocket at NIDays Switzerland 2016
Exhibiting LabSocket at NIDays Switzerland 2016

Presenting LabSocket during NIWeek 2014 Keynote
Presenting LabSocket during NIWeek 2014 Keynote

Mr. Bergmans at base of AirLaunch LLC Vertical Test Stand following a hot fire rocket motor test
Mr. Bergmans at base of the AirLaunch LLC Vertical Test Stand
following a 2007 rocket motor hot fire test

Mr.Bergmans with original LTS-100 prototype
at the TVA Kingston Coal-Fired Power Plant in 2004

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